Upcoming Dances

Contra + Challenging Contra
April 8
8–11 p.m.

Jeremiah McLane, Katie McNally, & Neil Pearlman playing contras
Luke Donforth calling contras
mini workshop on contra style

Contra + Slangpolska
May 13
8–11 p.m.

Alex Kehler, Aaron Marcus, & Nicholas Williams playing contras and Swedish
Will Mentor calling contras
mini workshop on Slangpolska

Contra + Waltz
June 10
8–11 p.m.

Nova playing contras and waltzes
Dugan Murphy calling contras
mini workshop on waltz

Contra Exchange

A contradance series on second Saturdays at the Capital City Grange in Montpelier. We are an inclusive, welcoming dance community that fosters consent, communication, and learning new dance skills.

Why Exchange?

In addition to contra, we offer a different featured dance at the end of each night, with a mini workshop before the break. Featured dances have included blues, swing, English, waltz, Cajun, techno contra, and challenging contra.

The Exchange is an inclusive, intentional community for all. Our dance is a creative, informal, and accessible space for contradancers to learn and practice new dance skills together. We strive to foster a welcoming, respectful, comfortable and vibrant dance atmosphere.

$12–$6 sliding scale.

The dance needs 91 dancers at an average of $10 each, or 107 dancers at an average of $8.50 each, to break even.

We've adjusted the schedule of our dance for 2017!

8–9:45 pm: Contras
9:45–10 pm: Featured dance workshop
10:15–11 pm: Featured dance


Reach the organizers at contraexchange@gmail.com


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We dance in the Capital City Grange on Northfield Street/Route 12 just south of Montpelier. Want to carpool? Email us and we can connect you with other dancers.

Capital City Grange